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S/NReinstantiable Database/Web Service
Signal Peptide Database (SPDB)

Khar Heng Choo Justin, Tin Wee Tan, Shoba Ranganathan

SPdb - a signal peptide database.

BMC Bioinformatics 6:249 (2005)
MHC-Peptide Interaction Database version T (MPID-T)

Joo Chuan Tong, Tin Wee Tan, Lesheng Kong, Shoba Ranganathan

Database for sequence-structure-function information on T-cell receptor/peptide/MHC interactions

Appl Bioinformatics. 2006;5(2):111-4.
Burkholderia Pseudomallei Genome Database

Tin Wee Tan, Xie Chao, Cheng Kang

In silico generation of putative ORFs from B. pseudomallei genome sequence.

Type III Secretion System Effector Database

Tin Wee Tan, KR Govindarajan

Data warehousing of virulence effectors secreted by the bacterial Type III Secretion System (T3SEDB)

BMC Bioinformatics. 2010 Oct 15;11 Suppl 7:S4.
Allergen Atlas

Martti Tammi, Victor Tong

A comprehensive knowledge center and analysis resource for allergen information

Bioinformatics. 2009 Apr 1;25(7):979-80. Epub 2009 Feb 11.

Xie Chao, Martti Tammi

This protein sub-domain database provides a platform for researchers to explore possible evolution history of protein domains by examining modular units shared by different protein domains

Xie C, Tammi MT.

STATdb: A specialised resource for STAT proteins

Chinari Pawan Kumar Patro, Tan Tin Wee

The database provides a resource for analysing STAT protein sequences

(2011) [Submitted]
NFkB Base

Lim Shen Jean, Tong Joo Chuan, Tan Tin Wee

This is a database of the NF-kB (nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells) or Rel protein family. It consists of a group of ubiquitously expressed, highly inducible and structurally-related eukaryotic transcription factors, found to be involved in a variety of diverse cellular and organismal processes, including the cellular stress response, cell proliferation and survival, apoptosis, inflammation and innate and adaptive immunity


Bernett TK Lee, Tin Wee Tan, Shoba Ranganathan

A web service for the alignment of mRNA/EST and genomic sequences

Nucleic Acids Research, 31(13), 3533-3536.
MHC-Peptide Interaction Database-TR version 2 (MPID-T2)

Javed Mohammed Khan, Harish Reddy Cheruku, Joo Chuan Tong, Shoba Ranganathan.

A database for sequence–structure–function analyses of pMHC and TR/pMHC structures.
Bioinformatics 2011, 27(8): 1192–1193.
Customary Medicinal Knowledgebase (CMKb)

Jitendra Gaikwad, Varun Khanna, Subramanyam Vemulpad, Joanne Jamie, Jim Kohen and Shoba Ranganathan

Customary Medicinal Knowledgebase (CMKb) is an online relational database developed in collaboration with Australian aboriginal communities for collating, integrating, visualising, disseminating and analysing public domain data and first-hand information on customary medicinal plants. The database stores information related to taxonomy, customary medicinal uses, phytochemistry, biogeography, biological activities of customary medicinal plant species as well as images of individual species.

Gaikwad, J., Khanna, V., Vemulpad, S., Jamie, J., Kohen, J.and Ranganathan, S. 2008. CMKb: a web-based prototype for integrating Australian Aboriginal customary medicinal plant knowledge. BMC Bioinformatics. 9 Suppl 12: S25.

Mark De Silva, Tan Tin Wee, Shoba Ranganathan, Lim Kuan Siong

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