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Reinstantiable Databases

The MIABi standards of APBioNet require deposition of bioinformatics databases in a reinstantiable form that will promote database longevity and minimise data loss.

Currently, many databases which have been previously published are sustained for a few years, and when funds run dry or the principal investigator leaves, the data is not maintained and typically shutdown, never to be recoverable. The APBioNet Minimum Information about a Bioinformatics Investigation (MIABI) requires every author who publishes papers with regard to a database, to save an image in archives which can be reinstantiated.

To facilitate the process, we have built this reinstantiation site to allow researchers to

  • download cloud-reinstantiable images of supported operating systems (only BioSlax is currently supported) that we maintain, which users can build a version of their database in fully operational and reinstantiable form
  • upload a delta of their data which can be reinstantiated with our cloud image OS (only BioSlax) for archival
  • reinstantiate any such archived databases on demand and use the original database and all (or partially) supported features for a limited period.

In this way, we hope to be able to reduce the rate of data loss in the bioinformatics community, and in the future, promote database longevity (if possible, perpetuity) and reproducibility of bioinformatics research. This project is in support of the APBioNet's BioDB100 initiative, to build 100 standards-compliant, interoperable bioinformatics databases as exemplars of reproducibility and standards conformance.

An cloud based initiative of APBioNet and NUS

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